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When we talk about cachaça, Quero Chuva arrives to show that there is an incredible world far beyond common sense.

Who could imagine that there would be a cachaça that could be smooth and striking at the same time? We can all be whatever we want. We can be a mist, a drizzle and even a summer rain.

Find it out. We are a storm of possibilities.

Sky is the limit!


special drinks

Cachaça is not just caipirinha. And Quero Chuva is super versatile. Combine, create, experiment. Cocktail possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to inspire!

chuva_fotos drink 2.png

our perfect caipirinha

chuva_fotos drink 3.png

refreshing like summer breeze

chuva_fotos drink 1.png
chuva tropical

an amazing combination


Our Mission

For many years, cachaça has divided opinions, perhaps due to some not so good first experiences or, then, due to a collective unconscious of years of stigmatization. We usually say that a lot of people like cachaça, but they still don't know that. For this reason, Quero Chuva wants to spread, like a fine drizzle, a new vision of the drink, using a variety of flavors, aromas and also stories. After all, cachaça is definitely not all the same.


Want to know more?

Thank you!

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